Technology as a Liberating Force

Moderated by Meredith Finkelstein

Featuring: Fab 5 Freddy, Susan Oh, David Passiak, Anna Waldman Brown

A.I, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and more.... are embraced by four visionary panelists as promising tools to help unleash productive forces for all — flipping the narrative from the human toll of automation to a vision of cooperation and empowerment.

What is an NFT

NFTs Are Fueling a Boom in Digital Art. Here’s How They Work

The Ideal Workplace of the Future

Moderated by James Andrews

Featuring: Brett Wallace, Gulnar Vaswani, Juliet Schor, Maurice Henderson

How can we ensure equity, access — and true leadership? An often moving conversation touches on everything from the gig economy to unions to the redefinition of distance, exploring not just how Zoom has affected office life, but also how the positive is possible.

New Economic Models

Moderated by Ravi Rajan

Featuring: Vaush, Matan Field, Susan Danziger, Yancey Strickler, Marcus Dowling

Will revolutions made possible through the blockchain create entirely new, collective, worker-defined employment, devoid of bosses? Will Universal Basic Income, combined with automation, ensure that only meaningful work will be necessary? Listen to this heady session and find out whether the DAO will rock your world.


By Visions2030/John Threat

A trailer for the Future Of Work discussions

Encompasses a visual treatise on the current state of work and our relationship to it and the transformation that Visions2030 hopes to spark. Represents metaphorical restrictions on citizens that do not allow them to participate in the profits for the labour they provide — echoing the past structures of slave and exploitative labor. The videos culminate in a transformation into the future where the worker is set free and their industry helps not only the organization they serve, but their community, their families, and themselves.

About Visions2030

Founded by Carey Lovelace, this collective initiative incubates transformative tools to “dream forward” scenarios of what the future may hold, and to unlock untapped aspirational potentials in individuals and society. Among our ever-evolving initiatives are artist-scientist collaborations; Collective Dreaming, envisaging where we want to move as a culture; Local Labs, bringing the power of invention to underserved communities. And convenings include the acclaimed 3-day December 2020 virtual conference, The New City, featuring 64 speakers ranging from Andrew Yang, to acclaimed architect Sir David Adjaye, to sustainability pioneer Karenna Gore, to reimagine our urban spaces through lofty visions and on-the-ground solutions, and the May Day, 2021 Future of Work.